Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List?

by Jessica Mullen


The fastest way to get to an improved financial condition is to look for pleasing things that you already have. For in the seeking and finding of that which is working, more success will come. And it will come quickly.

I created the Notice It, Get More of It worksheet to put this concept into practice, but the title never sat well with me. Recently I changed the title to “Universal Grocery List” instead.

The goal of the grocery list is to start noticing the enormous number of things going right in one’s life. Had a good meal? Want another one? Write it on the list. Had a good workout? Write it on the list. Get an awesome Facebook comment from your crush? Write it on the list.

I knew this worksheet was really working when Kelly started filling them out obsessively. Every day, we play a game to see if we can fill up all 60 spaces. And every day, we find more reasons to say, “yes please, more of that please.”

Can you find 60 things in your life you’d like to order more of today?

Download the Universal Grocery List worksheet

Here’s an 8.5×11 version and here’s a FUNFILE version! Enjoy!

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13 Comments on “Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List?

  1. every day, you can find plenty of reasons to say "yes, please, please more than that." What meaning can be brought.

  2. Thank you for sharing such an amazing worksheet! This is a great way to start organizing your life in general and keep up with all things that are going on. Going to start doing that now.

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  4. I started to keep a universal list and it's really work! Every day of my life, because of routine that i keep doing every day, i didn't notice good things that was happend to me. At first day it was harder than on second. On second i filled up all empty cpaces in list)

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  8. As per the discussion of the grocery list creation so in my opinion, not all people create the list for grocery while most of the people make the list, and it’s a good practice at all. Just because when you are going to buy one or two things so it’s too easy but when you are going to have the monthly stuff so it’s gone so difficult to remember all the things keep in mind.

  9. I would say sometimes, usually when I think I will forget the important stuff and I have to make something to remember it all. It is really a good practice, you will aware of everything you need to do however some people find it a hard thing to do when it comes to making a long list but that’s when you need to make a list.

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