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Design Student Is Generating Buzz: Creates Plugbook


Dave Hakkens a Design Academy Eindhoven student is getting a lot of attention for his creative solution to an every day problem. Dave’s creation is called the “Plugbook” and it is generating a lot of buzz for two reasons its has a clean design and it helps keep your pad tidy:

it’s essentially a retractable extension cord (bear with me here) in which the spool is concealed in a rather conspicuous plastic housing… so conspicuous, in fact, that Hakkens was inspired to highlight the chunky book form factor.




Thus, the “Plugbook” is more or less impossible to misplace:

My goal was to create a little extension cord to use for small in-house jobs. Like charging your laptop, drilling a hole, connecting a lamp etc. I wanted it to be just there, in the middle of your living room without being obstructive and with a good working cable. If you need it, you now where it is and you can just take it, without a hassle.


The plugbook is made in the shape of a book which hides itself between your other books. When you need it, just take it out and pull the cord. Simple as that! Inside the book is 10 ft (3m) of cable. We also added an extra power socket and 2 USB ports to easily charge your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Camera and many other devices. And when you don’t need it anymore you press the button and the cord automatically rewinds itself (like in a vacuum cleaner). And just put it back on the bookshelf ready to go for next time.



In any case, Hakkens is looking to Kickstart his latest project and he’s raised a little more than half the funds with just under a week and a half to go.

It’s currently priced at $25 apiece—check it out (and help him out) by clicking below.


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6 Comments on “Design Student Is Generating Buzz: Creates Plugbook

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