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12 Things College Students Don’t Need


Of course, not all students’ needs are the same — students in medical studies, for example, may not require might need a powerful computer while students engineering and computer science may. But, generally speaking, here are 12 expenses campus life doesn’t absolutely require: 12 Things College Students Don’t Need   1. New textbooks Never ever ever buy a new textbook from the box store. While the convenience may be tempting you honestly… Read More

It Is About Time You Learned How To Use Google


People often ask me, How’d you learn how to do _________? To which I often reply with something snarky or sarcastic. Scenario__________________________________________________ Friend/Person: Hey Max, how did you learn how to use Craigslist to sell things?   Me: Well, I gave Craig a call… telepathically. When our spirits connected in the netherworld, Craig was able transfer his memories and understanding of his website via a magical high five. @ _ @  … Read More

Interview w/ a Texas State University Freshman (Part Two)

Name: Niko Corbin Major: Pre-Major for Journalism Classification Freshman 1. Why did you pick Texas State University?  Where if any, other schools did you apply too? I chose Texas State because it had a nice atmosphere to it. I also applied to Sam Houston State and University of Houston, but in the end San Marcos just seemed like a better place to write. 2. How different is college from high school? What would… Read More

7 Dumb Mistakes That Kill Your Car (& Possibly You)

student drivers

Let’s face it, some people are idiots, and this isn’t a uniquely phenomenon reserved for the elderly or teenagers. You yourself can be pretty dumb as well. What? You don’t think so? Well then why is it that you knowingly destroy one of the most expensive pieces of property you have. Maybe you are aware and just don’t care. Perhaps you aren’t and you blame ignorance. What ever your reason I have… Read More

Top 10 Secrets Of The College Syllabus

how to prepare for a college exam

Students often view the course syllabus as something they glance at on the first day of classes, and then toss in their backpacks, never to be seen again.   In reality, the syllabus is a treasure trove of information:  one of the few places in the course where the professor reveals his or her true conception of the course and explains what you need to do to excel in the course. The trouble… Read More

How Not To Be Productive During Winter Break


There are a lot of articles on the web about how to be productive during a holiday break but this is an article about how NOT to be productive during the holiday break. 1. SLEEP ALL DAY Sure the holiday break is a great time to catch up on some much needed sleep but there should be a limit. Myself not being a morning person, I know that sleeping late is one… Read More

Top 10 Careers Worth Studying For


In a time where jobs are hard to come by, many students are beginning to wonder if higher education is even worth the expense. The job market isn’t like it used to be, and your basic liberal arts degree simply won’t get you a job. Employers are now requiring specialized skills for applicants to even be competitive. However, there are few careers that require minimal to average levels of higher education that… Read More

10 Predictions for the Future of Community Colleges


COMMUNITY COLLEGE OFTEN GETS A BAD RAP, BUT FOR YEARS THESE INSTITUTION HAVE HELPED MANY STUDENTS Community college often gets a bad rap, but for years these institutions have helped many students — especially those trying to balance work, family and going to school — get the education and training they need. President Obama has called community colleges one of the keys to America’s economic future, and the new attention and increasingly… Read More

Frankenstein Student ID’s: Coming To Your Campus Soon!


STUDENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE BEING INTRODUCED TO SOMETHING BRAND NEW THIS YEAR. Universities such as UMBC, University of North Dakota, Portland State University, Pace University and several others are all introducing a new age student ID/Debit Card. What Makes this ID Any Different? These new Frankenstein student ID’s are a hybrid of a university swipe card and a debit card. Sounds Harmless, right?What makes these cards predatory is the account from… Read More