Todd McFarlane’s Blueprint

Todd McFarlane opens up about his career as a comic book artist that includes making Spider-Man cooler and creating the Spawn character. He also shares his blueprint to launching Image Comics and McFarlane Toys. – Complex “I’m In Business To Drive My Art” Part I: Foundation 1. Find Your Passion 2. Learn The Details 3. Look For An Opening 4. Be Persistent 5. Make It Sexy 6. Fight The Status Quo 7…. Read More

Bobby Hundred’s Blueprint

“Bobby Hundreds explains how he channeled his love for music and culture into one of the world’s most iconic streetwear brands.” – Complex Part I: Foundation 1. Identify Your Passion 2. Start Experimenting 3. Find Your Scene 4. Follow Inspiration 5. Make A Plan Part II: Initial Design 1. Find Your Name 2. Know What Your About 3. Find The Right Partner 4. Do The Groundwork 5. Fake Till You Make It… Read More

Social Media Marketing

1. The Law of consistency 2. The Law of Focus 3. The law of quality content 4. The Law of the long hall 5. The Law of sharing 6. The Law of influencers 7. The Law of conversation 8. The Law of acknowlegment 9. The law of engagement 10. The law of reciprocity

10 Ways To Make Money Online (2016)

Youtube Blogging Shopify Square Space Tutoring Teaching a Language Pateron Web Designer Freelancing Twitch

How To Get Featured and Sell On Living Social


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How To Get Featured and Sell On Groupon

selling on groupon

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The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs: Guy Kawasaki

Breakdown this video into a article. 1. Entrepreneurship is not a cereal process 2. Control of company 3. Don’t Befriend Your VC 4. Don’t Assume VC Will Bring Value

24 Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet

money on the internet

1. Website Building If the internet is a country, then websites are like real estates. I’m hoping by now you have a general understanding that real estates are valuable in the physical world – digital real estates work the same way. By building a website, you’re creating your own plot of online “land.” You can fill this land with whatever you want, but you have to promote it through social media (and anywhere… Read More

Top 5 Web Design Solutions In 2014

1. 2. wordpress 3. shopify 4. facebook 5.  

Top 3 Answering Services In 2014

1. 2. 3.