Bowie State Student stabs roommate to death

(CNN) — A college student stabbed her roommate to death in the apartment they shared at a university in Maryland, police said Friday

The incident occurred at Bowie State University on Thursday night. The victim, 18-year-old Dominique Frazier, was found unconscious and bleeding in the hallway of the student housing, police said.

The victim’s 19-year-old roommate was arrested. Her name was not released.

“The preliminary investigation indicates the victim and suspect became involved in an argument in their suite that escalated into a physical confrontation,” Maryland State Police said in a statement.


4 Comments on “Bowie State Student stabs roommate to death

  1. So sad! We send our children to school to get an education!! Was This the first argument these girls had? I bet NOT….. Where was the RA??? When these things are reported! The school needs to ACT oin it!!! My sympathy goes out to the FAMILY of Dominique Frazier.

    • I think blaming the RA is a little harsh. I have friends who are RA's and I am a former RA and while the responsibility to report does fall on them you can't expect them to be mind readers. Surely if things were getting out of hand, the two of them should have sought help.

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