Bright Futura: Dream Presidential Cabinet

With less than 2 weeks before the election, America is preparing to cast their votes for the 2012 Presidential Election. Taking advantage of our own imaginations and free time, we’ve decided to present to you the chance to create your own presidential cabinet. Six choices have been presented to you below, with a link to vote as well, where you can vote for one of our choices, or do a write in.

This link below, has been pasted throughout the article for your quick convenience. The link takes you right to the survey. You can only take it once though.
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Results will be posted on November 6th.

Captain America. Campaign Quote, “Fights for truth, justice, and being unceremoniously frozen while protecting your freedoms.”

Morgan Freeman. Campaign Quote, “I played the President before in a movie, where the world ended. No chance, that’ll happen if I’m elected. Plus, wouldn’t rather hear my voice telling you the world is ending than anyone else’s.”

Bill Clinton. Campaign Quote, “Face it, I’m the best you ever had….in office.”

Beyonce Knowles Carter. Campaign Quote, “Jay liked me, so he put a ring on it. If you like me, you better put my name on your ballot.”

Jon Stewart. Campaign Quote, “You know you’ve always secretly wanted me to run”

Fuckin’ Adorable Puppies. Campaign Quote, “We’re fuckin’ adorable.”

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Kanye West. Campaign Quote, “I’m sorry China, but I’ma let you finish….but we still have a sorta good economy.”

A Bottle of Jagermeifter. Campaign Quote, “Look I got you through college, I can get you through the recession.”

Tony Stark. Campaign Quote,” Your favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist for Vice President.”

Insanity Wolf. Campaign Quote, ” FUCK WISCONSIN!”

Zombie Reagan. Campaign Quote, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall…there’s fresh human flesh on the other side.”

Stephen Colbert. Campaign Quote, “My top three priorities: America, You, and Chili Cheese Dogs.”

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Nick Fury. Campaign Quote, “America, Motherfucker. Do you speak it!?”

The ENTIRE cast of the Expendables. Campaign Quote, “Obviously our focus will be on military spending, with an extensive concentration on blowing shit up.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Campaign Quote, “Tell Iran to take their Nuclear Program, shine it up real nice, turn that sumvbitch sideways, and stick it up straightup their candy ass!”

American Pride Eagle. Campaign Quote, “Declares neutrality in World War 2. Ends up winning both sides.”

Dat Ass. Campaign Quote, “All your questions are irrelevant, Kim Kardashian’s ass is on screen.”


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Richie Rich. Campaign Quote, “I’m Mitt Romney Rich.”

Albert Einstein. Campaign Quote, “I work with letters in my math equations. I got this.”

Steve Jobs. Campaign Quote, “The economy? You’re gonna need an app for this.”

Monopoly Guy. Campaign Quote, “I can solve any housing crisis.”

China. Campaign Quote, “I mean, we already looking over all your debt anyways, you might as well…”

This Collection of IOU’s. Campaign Quote, “I know you voted for me in the past for 2 wars and a prescription drug plan that wasn’t paid for, I worked then and I’m certain I’ll do better this time around.

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Don Cheadle as Captain America. Campaign Quote, “Don’t summon me again unless you ready for that pain. Peace, dickholes!”

Cabbage Vendor. Campaign Quote, “My cabbages!”

Walter White. Campaign Quote, “I am the one who knocks! You are the one who votes.”

Grandmother Willow. Campaign Quote, “Just whip it.”

Snoop Dogg/Lion. Campaign Quote, “Oh I’ma legalize that motherfucker.”

Your Grandmother, who has too much time on her hands. Campaign Quote, “Aw sweetie, you never call anymore.”

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PhoneHead Lady Gaga. Campaign Quote, “Your argument is irrelevant, my hair is now a phone.”

Kermit Dress Lady Gaga. Campaign Quote, “It’s art, bitch.”

Meat Dress Lady Gaga. Campaign Quote, “I’m going to wash, season, and grill this in an hour.”

Bad Romance Lady Gaga. Campaign Quote, “RA RA AH AH AH ROMA ROMA MA GAGA OOH LA LA.”

Mother Gaga. Campaign Quote, “I was born this way.”

….? Crystal Gown? Gaga…? Campaign Quote, “I’m just really trying out too many ideas.”

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Hulk. Campaign Quote, “Smash.”

Sephiroth. Campaign Quote, “I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to rule this planet.”

Bad Ass Teddy Roosevelt. Campaign Quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far. Especially, if that “stick” is a Gatling cannon capable of shredding Big Foot to cabbage.”

Bane. Campaign Quote, “You think voting gives you control? Do you feel in control?”

Butters. Campaign Quote, “Awww, I’m the key? Could I not be the key, Morpheus? I don’t wanna be the key.”

This Nokia Phone. Campaign Quote, “I’m fuckin indestructible.”

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Thor. Campaign Quote, ” You! What realm is this?! Elfheim?! Nilfheim?!”

Megatron. Campaign Quote, “Give me the cube, boy!”

Dexter. Campaign Quote, “Dede!!”

Skrillex. Campaign Quote, “Imagine entire powerplants running exclusively off of dubstep!?”

Invader Zim. Campaign Quote, “Aw my squeedly spooch!”

Badass Benjamin Franklin. Campaign Quote, ” What is the use of a new-born child?” (When asked the use of a new invention)

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Remember. No matter who you vote for, at least get out to vote!

22 Comments on “Bright Futura: Dream Presidential Cabinet

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