Bright Futura Business Plan

1. Executive Summary

 This section should include:

  • A brief description of where your company is: Bright Futura is connecting services to startups. One startup at a time.
  • A brief description of where you want to take it: Bright Futura intends on building its client base and adding members to its community of Bright minds.
  • A brief description of why your business idea will be successful. Bright Futura is the foremost community of Start-ups actually making capital gains. We’ve curated our members and our services to be capital focused.
  • The Mission Statement – Bright Futura is a Start Up market place that offers small business consulting products and services to its members. A member may be anywhere in the process of business development and still gain from our Bright Futura members only market place. The market place focuses on offering services in the areas of Creativity, Marketing, Legal, Hiring and Commercial. Each start up is assigned to partner with a start up mentor and business specialist. As the needs of the start-up grows, Bright Futura is there to help measure your grow, find you new employees, and even participates in connecting members to investment capital,
  • Company Information – Bright Futura was founded in 2011 by Maximillian Garland (GMU – Biology BS). It currently has 0 employees, only 1 business location and 5 members.
  • Growth Highlights – Bright Futura has expanded it’s web presence and worked to ensure its members are gaining capital through effective marketing strategies.
  • Your Products/Services – Briefly describe the products or services you provide. Bright Futura Offers a range of start-up services in its market place.

Bright Futura’s Services include:

Web Design Service

Logo Design Service

Graphic Design

Professional Business Cards

Corporate Headshots

Resume Design Services

  • Financial Information – Bright Futura is seeking 150k in start up capital that will be allocated to improving user interaction with the market place and marketing of services to local colleges.
  • Summarize future plans – Bright Futura will eliminate the common mans excuse for not having the resources to get started.

Company Description

This section should include:

  • a high-level review of the different elements of your business.

There are 5 different elements to Bright Futura. Referral business for services Bright Futura cannot complete in a reasonable amount of time. A high level membership community for premier start-ups.

Purpose of this section:

  • similar to an extended elevator pitch
  • helps readers and potential investors understand the goal of your business and its unique proposition.

What to Include in Your Company Description

  • Describe the nature of your business and list the marketplace needs that you are trying to satisfy.
  • Explain how your products and services meet these needs.
  • List the specific consumers, organizations or businesses that your company serves or will serve.
  • Explain the competitive advantages that you believe will make your business a success such as your location, expert personnel, efficient operations, or ability to bring value to your customers.

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Explain what competitors lack but that you have.


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