Interview w/ a Texas State University Freshman (Part Two)

Name: Niko Corbin
Major: Pre-Major for Journalism
Classification Freshman

1. Why did you pick Texas State University?  Where if any, other schools did you apply too?

I chose Texas State because it had a nice atmosphere to it. I also applied to Sam Houston State and University of Houston, but in the end San Marcos just seemed like a better place to write.

2. How different is college from high school? What would you tell any graduating high school senior about going to college?

Every teacher in High School lied to you about college! Contrary to popular belief, you do have to go to class. I found that in college you also have to study, where in High School you might not of had to.

Every teacher in High School lied to you about college!

3. Do you commute or live on campus? If you commute how is parking? If you live on campus what were your expectations for having a roommate?

I live on campus, and the experience is a bit jarring at first. I didn’t know what to expect in my roommate honestly, I was just hoping that they were easy-going.

4. Texas State University is one of the fastest rising Universities in the nation and even touts Former President LBJ as one of it’s notable alumni. What do you believe is happening on this campus that has allowed it to grow so fast in popularity?

I am honestly not sure as to why there is such a rise in interest. As sad as it is to say, it’s probably the reputation as a party school.

5. If you were giving a tour of campus to freshmen where would you take them, that most tour guides wouldn’t take them to?

I wouldn’t take them anywhere special really, maybe to a few places in San Marcos, to get used to the town.

6.What is there to do on the weekends at Texas State? Parties, student organizations, visit home?

I am a huge nerd so for me the best things to do on campus are probably off campus. The Square is always a nice place to hang out. Of course you could always go to a party–pending you get in, of course.

7. Do you have a college bucketlist (list of things you want to do before you graduate)?

The only real goal I have before I finish college is to find a job, and finally decide on what I want to do for a career.

8. If there is one thing you would like to add to Texas State University what would it be? Then one thing you think the campus could do without?

One thing I would add, Whatabuger. Thing I would take away, The whole-wheat pizza…and the hills.

9. What are some the best kept secrets on campus (ie. Free places to print, best teachers, etc. Places/people/things that you think people don’t know about on campus but really should)?

The easiest place to print is the library, it’s free. As for teachers, it’s hard to say. What I think may be a hard teacher could be and easy one to another person. Also eat at Commons as much as possible, the pasta and the breakfast are amazing.

10. As a freshman, what are you most looking forward to in your future time at Texas State University?

The thing I’m most looking forward to is probably all of the Journalism and Creative Writing classes I’ll be taking in the future.

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