BORED IN CLASS: Silent Challenge 6

When you’re bored in class, eyelids are heavy, and the teacher’s drone is putting you to sleep faster than that mixed drink your friend gave you last weekend, here is something to keep you awake. Bright Futura Presents:

BORED IN CLASS: Silent Challenge # 6


1. Watch the 5 videos below in class.

2. If you laugh, you lose. If you lose you can post this video on facebook, twitter, etc, and tell your friend which video made you laugh.

3. If you don’t laugh, you win. If you win post a video in the comment section you think is funnier.
*The video can’t have sound, though, because…you’re in class

Video 1

Beagle Adorably Loses Its Shit Over a Lemon

Video 2

Woman Smashes Bowling Ball Through Ceiling



Video 3

Cow Dropkick



Video 4

Pole Dance Fail (SFW)



Video 5

Escalator Fail (SFW)

If you made it this far without laughing (you’re probably a humorless ginger) congrats, if you want, post below in the comment section about how unfunny we are and/or post a (silent) video  that you think is funnier and we’ll place it in the next edition of Silent Challenge.

Leon Langford | Bright Futura Columnist

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