6 Tips for Using Website Color Psychology to Increase Conversions


If you are just about to launch your online startup, then you must have been done your research about your niche market, right? But did you know that website color psychology is one of the primary factors that affect the buying pattern of your consumers?

Let me explain the effect of website color psychology with help of this infographic by Kissmetrics:

(Click on this infographic to enable a larger version)

Image Credit: Blog.Kissmetrics.Com


This info-graphic manifests that 93% of people are attracted to the appearance of any product: the texture attracts 15% of people, while the sound and smell constitute only 1% of the overall audience.

Of this specific value, 85% of people have named color as the key factor in its appearance, while the other influencers make up the 15% of the total value.

This also establishes the role of color as a leading element in the buying pattern of consumers.

Considering the aforementioned intriguing case of website color psychology, here are six insightful tips on how colors can improve the conversion rate of your online business:

1. Remember the Color Theory

Though color theory is a diversified subject, I will stick to basics. When it comes to web design, you can break it into two parts:


Contrast is the degree of variation between two colors in terms of tone and intensity. Having a balanced contrast in your web design ensures better readability and user engagement.

Use of Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are a set of matching colors that look appealing in combination with each other. Even though you may find them at different ranges on the color wheel, they look great when they are placed against each other.

Having a balanced proportion of complimentary colors in your web design accentuates its beauty. This makes it look appealing to the eye, which engages your prospects and helps increase conversions.

2. Use Appropriate Colors in Key Areas of Your Website

While applying colors in your web design, you have to differentiate between the different sections of your website, for example:

  • Borders
  • Headlines
  • Pop-ups
  • Background Hues
  • Buttons, including the “Call To Action” or CTA button
  • Web Banners

All these sections serve a different role in a website and it is important to use the right type of color that can justify their place in the website.

3. Learn About the Different Colors

Every color has a particular character that defines its role in design. As a designer, you must understand the quality of individual colors so that you can use them to bring forth the beauty in a design.

Let’s have a look into the various colors and what they stand for:

  • Red is the color that exudes passion and excitement. It is known to incite inner temptations, making it a primary color of the food industry. For example, KFC, Hardees and Coca-Cola.
  • Black is known as the color of the elites. It is a symbol of power and elegance, making it a chosen color of exclusive brands. For example YSL, Channel and Armani Exchange.
  • Yellow is another intense color that can provoke your viewers. It is also perceived as a source of energy for its connection with sun rays. These two qualities make it the main color in the petroleum and food industry. For example, Shell and McDonald’s.
  • Green is a color that stands for well-being and prosperity. It is also closely associated with nature. For these attributes, it is primarily used in environmental-friendly organizations and the wildlife industry. For example, BP and Animal Planet.

You should also remember that different cultures perceive colors differently. Therefore, you should learn about how what colors are loved by people in different parts of the world.

4. Ensure a Ratio between Brightness and Contrast

One of the most influential factors that affect the mood of customers, and ultimately their purchasing decision, is the ratio between brightness and contrast. This can be a real factor that influences sales in your online business.

Therefore, you should go with the right brightness and contrast selection. The more you learn about colors, the more it will help you to keep your visitors on your website, which will increase your chances of conversions.

5. Keep the Gender Factor in Mind

This is another important facet of an appealing web design as it correlates to a high conversion rate on your website. As you explore the world of colors, you will find a gender difference.

Men tend to like strong colors, such as black, purples and green; while women prefer a combination of pastel and vivid colors, such as blue, green and purple.

So, if your online business is catering to both genders, you need to blend your colors accordingly on different landing pages.

6. Website Color Psychology: Pay Particular Attention to CTA Buttons

The CTAs are the buttons that trigger the conversions on your website, making them a very important part of your web design.

CTA buttons are placed tactically on a landing page to invoke the visitors to make a purchase. Therefore, it is important to highlight these buttons with bright colors that can catch the attention of your viewers; preferably orange or yellow.


Website color psychology is a major factor when it comes to designing your website. The right selection of colors can skyrocket the sales of your online business, while an inappropriate set of colors will do just the opposite.

Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the use of colors in your website to turn your visitors into clients and multiply the income of your online business.

Author Bio

Catherine Daisy is a Website Designer at UAE Assignment Writing. She has in-depth insights into colors and their application in web design. In addition, she also guides online businesses in establishing a solid online presence with appropriate design elements.

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Business Ideas for students: the most profitable startups

(by Sandra HaywardBusiness Ideas for students: the most profitable startups

Everybody knows that students are the most creative individuals that can find their way to study, work and entertain themselves at the same time! A lot of young people crave to be successful right from the college years and that is why want to launch their business project and develop it simultaneously with their studies. This is not a problem if you are ambitious, hard-working and opportunistic!

Here we present you with some basic but rather lucrative start-ups if you are a student and do nit have big capital.

1. Editing essays, dissertations and term papers

It should be noted that in this area pricing is quite different. For each order is evaluated individually. Everything depends on the demands made, the subject matter and the need for graphic representation of the results of research, essay, article etc. The most common period of performance of such orders is from 3 days to a week. In case you have to write dissertation abstracts, it can take more than one week of your time, but you can spend just three days on writing and give it to professionals for editing. For more serious scientific work and urgent orders, customers must pay additional 20% of the original price for editing their papers. Besides that, if the topic is rare and rather complicated (too detailed and precise) you can charge more as well. So, writing college papers can be a very profitable for a young person striving for success.

The further development of this business idea for students will be opening their own office space and register as a private entrepreneur. Of course, this is possible with an increase in the popularity of services and customer base expansion. As a result, the degree of confidence will significantly increase on the part of potential customers. Creating your own Internet resource (website, blog, ads) will contribute to the growth of the customer base. And it is desirable to cooperate with existing digital libraries which will significantly increase the volume and quality of your ready papers.

2. Maintenance of modern gadgets

For this activity, you need passion for advanced gadgets, communication skills, as well as perseverance. Before you start a business you will need:

- to buy PC or laptop;

- get an access to the Internet. Nowadays, on the Internet, you can find instructions for any technical device. Additionally, there are all the necessary instructions and recommendations for the setup and maintenance;

-to find a working spot (any room or small area with good lighting).

Newly minted owners of smartphones and tablet computers are often on their own can not deal with all the functionality of these devices. It also, very often, requires additional software installation. Services encompass placing protective screens on the displays, help with registration in the content store for subsequent self-downloading of programs and so on. The price policy depends on the interest rate as well as the price of materials you are working with.

3. Creating a web-portal for students

Today, private Internet page of the university and even a school is a must-have. However, the information contained on such websites is not relevant and interesting to students. All these projects are based on an identical pattern: the story places, faculty, alumni, etc. Why not create a resource with a variety of administrative data, news about students and student life, available job offers, materials for the learning process, scanned lectures that college professors may share etc. Once you have the core audience (constant customers), you can post content for a fee or earn on contextual advertising.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

by Sandra Hayward

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