Berkeley physicist was wrong

Berkeley Physicist Admits ‘Wrong About Global Warming’

UC Berkeley physicist, and longtime climate skeptic, Richard Muller has finally gone on the offensive, publicly admitting he was wrong to doubt global-warming data in a piece for The Wall Street Journal.

Richard Muller Warns Congress That Global Warming is Real

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The outspoken professor, who gained notoriety in the climate-denial community for his rants against Al Gore and fueling the fire on Climategate, decided to take matters into his own hands earlier this year by creating an independent study to assess specific objections raised by climate skeptics.

One Comment on “Berkeley Physicist Admits ‘Wrong About Global Warming’

  1. Wow, some of you eco-marxists are still beating this dead horse. Amazing. You forgot to mention that Mullers Congressional Briefing was attended by no one. The room was almost empty. Even his fellow climate alarmists didn't bother to attend.

    Climate change is dead. Keep up the denial anyway climate alarmists.


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