Batman vs Superman vs Iron-man vs Spider-Man


Question: What if Batman, vs Superman, vs Iron-man, vs Spider-man?” spontaneous melee….

The obvious choice is Batman and I am not being biased. All four get together and start going at it in some cosmic twist of coincidence. Well, teams will form and that’s when it will be all over, Batman will hold his own against Spider-Man, and Iron-Man will immediately tackle the strong of the 2 which will be his undoing. Arrogance does not get around Superman when you have a suite of armor. Maybe if Tony knew something about Clark or if he Tony knew some magic, but he doesn’t…Superman incapacitates Iron-Man pretty easily.  More then likely Tony kills himself in some bravado that will seemingly take out Superman….which Superman doesn’t even sneeze at.

Now comes Batman and Spider-man. They go at it! And although Spider-Man has the upper hand with Spidey sense and strength, Batman is pretty lethal. And if he doesn’t take down Spidey, Superman will. With that being said Batman turns to Superman and says ‘Wow how crazy was that?’ Bruce puts his arm around Superman and chuckles a little more. Then as we all expected, Bats stabs him with a Kryptonite shard that he keeps in a lead lined pocket at all times. Are you even surprised? Then Batman slides on his Kryptonite ring and proceeds to beat him to a bloodied pulp…Sadly Superman goes down with not much of a fight. K.O!

Tactfully Written by: Mike Atencio

10 Comments on “Batman vs Superman vs Iron-man vs Spider-Man

  1. I think Parker would do far better then you are suggesting. Spider man is known for rolling with some of the baddest dudes and still holding his own. Batman would definitely win but I just think you didn't really give spidey enough credit.

    • I agree! Parker would probably have made it to the last battle.

  2. Superman would win this battle, every day of the week.

  3. Really an interesting article you have written here. I love reading your amazing story for a great topic. We all love to watch these movies but never thing about it but it will be so interesting if we have a complete movie on it.

  4. I Know Superman Is more powerful character than anyone. Singly he can beat all the super heroes of the Marvel character.But this will be interesting to watch their fight.

  5. Interesting article. It’s hard to tell that who’s gonna win this battle because all the superheroes are powerful. Superman is the most powerful of all but we can’t say anything my pick will be superman and iron-man. Thanks for sharing these kinds of interesting articles hope we will get to see much more in the upcoming time.

  6. My answer is superman the man of steel batman has some chances that he can beat superman but iron-man and spider-man will not beat superman if they want to beat him then they have to do something extraordinary they have to think out of the box if they want to beat the superman.

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