Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

What Is The College Party?

The College Party is a new political organization that is pretty much better than all the other lame ass political parties combined (fact.com). If you are in college and you aren’t interested in joining The College Party, you are probably extremely racist and hate education, new born babies, and delicious breakfasts in bed.


What Is The College Party’s Political Platform?

Uhh…things that matter to college students dumbass!


>>Find Out How You Can Join The College Party Here <<



Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

Barack’s making these promises now because he’s afraid we’re going to leave him in November.


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4 Comments on “Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

  1. The best way a man can show his education is to be patient and remain the most humble in his attitude towards the situations when he has to face disagreement and opposite opinion because it is the character of a literate man to give weight to every opinion.

  2. Poor little guy! Such a sad photo. I have never experienced either of my kids that sick. Sounds absolutely miserable. I am so glad that a couple of strangers were able to brighten your day with small acts of kindness. This too shall pass, right?!?[]

  3. I know what you mean my son is 4 and he has 7 teachers!!!!!! he is going to big school in September so we will be back to 1 or 2 then :0) Love this gift bag and I agree, this is a fab sketchHugs Sarah-Jane xx

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