Are We A Generation Of Cheaters [infographic]

No matter what you did in high school when it comes to cheating, you should know that cheating in college is quite different. It’s a really big deal. College administration takes cheating seriously.  It’s not unheard of for whole classes to be expelled for “collaborating” or outright cheating.
Interestingly, it’s easier than ever before in history to share information. Both inside and outside the classroom. Many students can’t even distinguish between what constitutes plagiarism and what doesn’t. According to recent research, 71% do NOT believe copying from the Web is “serious cheating.” Have sites like Wikipedia blurred the lines on cheating all together?

What will become of this generation of cheaters? Find out in the below infographic (click image to zoom).

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5 Comments on “Are We A Generation Of Cheaters [infographic]

  1. Parent’s education is important to guide their child according to the need of time. They should teach their children how to move with society by keeping in view the trends and traditions of society.

  2. Seeing how bad cheating is, I should think about it more seriously. No one want their kids cheat or lie. Adults sometimes see cheating is “not a big deal” by showing the kids the answer easily, tell them “google it” instead of helping them solve the question (we should google it ourselves and find a proper way to teach the kids).

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