Angie Nwandu’s Blueprint

“Over 10 million “roommates” visit The Shade Room each day to get the latest in celeb news, thanks to 26-year-old Angie Nwandu, who went from foster care and unemployment to formatting the tabloids for the social media generation.” – Complex

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Part I: Foundation

1. Make The Jump

2. Stay True To Yourself

3. Be Resourceful

4. Trust Yourself

Part Two: Second Story

1. Turn Weakness Into Strength

2. Find Your Advantage

3.  Cultivate A Community

4. Have A Relentless Commitment

5. Monetize Your Skills

6. Focus Your Efforts

7. Listen To Your Audience

Part III: Renovations

1. Fail Forward

2. Go Against The Grain

3. Never Stop Creating

4. Be Original

5. Tell The Truth


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