student pays off loan in cash

Alex Kenjeev: Paid Off $114,460 Of Student Loans In Cash

Who loves student loans!!! Anyone… anyone at all? Didn’t think so. Well Alex Kenjeev did like them either. Who’s Alex Kenjeev you ask?

Enter Alex Kenjeev

Alex Kenjeev is just your everyday average BAMF. Alex in 2009 graduate from the University of Toronto with his law degree (first bad ass accomplishment). Alex Kenjeev’s second bad ass achievement happened last week.

student pays off loan in cash

What did Alex Kenjeev do?

Nothing much, just paid off his remaining $114,460 in student loan debt in one lump sum.

Attention was drawn to the incident when a photo was posted on Reddit of the receipt from the transaction, showing that $114,460 had been paid in cash to the bank to settle the debt.

paying off student loans in cash

Why did Alex Kenjeev pay in cash?

Well one because he is a boss! and two because according to Alex, He thought it would be funny.

“It was stressful enough to carry such a big debt load. I thought it would be worth getting a few laughs out of it,” Kenjeev said. “Neither bank thought it was as funny as I thought it was.”

Alex Kenjeev


In fact, neither bank seemed equipped to handle this amount of cash. It took Alex three days to get the cash from RBC, and then when he brought the canvas bag full of bills to Scotiabank, they initially didn’t want to accept the cash.


Eventually managers straightened it out after a couple of hours and Kenjeev was given his receipt. He posted it on Facebook, but he has no idea who posted the image on Reddit.




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10 Comments on “Alex Kenjeev: Paid Off $114,460 Of Student Loans In Cash

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