Adobedays and Bright Futura: The Beginning of Something New

adobe days

humble beginnings

Bright Futura is now an emerging college entity, not to be trifled with, but only a few months ago it was just an idea in Max Futura’s (Maximillian Garland) dorm room.


With little to no coding experience, Max Futura took his idea to tumblr where a least he’d be able to set the ground work for what you see today.


 As the audience for Bright Futura began to grow so did it’s need to adapt.

Over the last few months, the transition from tumblr to wordpress was anything but smooth. But obviously, nothing worthwhile comes easy. The blog is beginning to blossom and the content is slowly starting to take on a style of it’s own. But originality it wasn’t always a focus at Bright Futura, at least not in the beginning.


At the start, Bright Futura was the product of hours of tirelessly aggregating articles from many of the big name college blogs and news sources. The simple aggregate style model quickly became less appealing. It became really clear that Bright Futura needed original content to stand out.

It was also pretty obvious from the jump that Bright Futura could not be run by Max Futura alone. So bloggers were recruited to contribute original and fresh new ideas for both the direction of the site and content. By the 3rd month, Bright Futura had gone from being a one man brigade, to being a small tribe of motivated college masterminds.

I wanted Bright Futura to help students share and showcase their experiences with one another. I wanted those with knowledge about success to be able to share it with those who were seeking it. I happened to be one of those people seeking. -Max Futura

How did you overcome a lot of the initial issues with starting a blog

Max Futura: I learned very early on that I couldn’t do this thing by myself. I began to study those in the college niche with hopes that I’d be able to learn from their mistakes. I contacted various people in the college blog world so that I could interview them and pick their brains.

Who did you reach out to?

Max Futura: I mostly just studied what the big names were doing. Blogs I wanted to resemble and blogs that I absolutely didn’t want to be like. I reached out to Thomas Frank of College Info Geek and he really showed me the ropes. After doing a post on him, we remained in contact via Skype and Facebook.

Related Article: Interview with Thomas Frank: Creator Of College Info Geek

I even added him to the Bright Futura team Facebook group, so that he could drop his 2 cents every so often. The people he has helped me meet, coupled with the tips and guidance he’s given me is invaluable.

That guy really knows his stuff. He’s the one who introduced me to the people at Slugbooks and Adobe.

The great minds at Adobe are spending a lot of efforts on trying to understand how they can better server both their core design student users and those students who aren’t so design savvy.

In fact, Adobe just so happens to care so much about us students, that they flew bloggers like me,

out to one of their major offices in San Francisco for a conference known as Adobe days.

What I packed for the trip.

During this three day supa dupa awesome conference, we college bloggers were submerged in opportunities to learn from both Adobe and each other.

We attended sessions on

  • T-shirt and image design: Photoshop and Illustrator
  • The future of video generation & vlogging: Premiere
  • Exclusive glimpses future adobe products
  • Product discussion groups
  • The new features of CS6 and Creative Cloud
  • Blogger content development

adobe student conference

We also toured the amazing streets of San Fransisco, with a world-class guide and celebrity blogger Xavier Lanier ( & Gottabemobile)

Tour And Talk With Xavier Lanier In San Fransisco

If you want to do this (blog) professionally or even if you want to do this as a side job, I have friends who still have a real job

I have a friend… who makes more money and gets more enjoyment blogging about Mac computers than he does being a doctor. So, If you have that dream keep it alive…this is a really great way to be creative.

– Xavier Lanier (

What’s Next & The Road Ahead

Trips to San Fran aren’t the motivation for building Bright Futura but they sure as hell are a perk

The learning I was able to do during these wildly memorable Adobedays, was almost better than the luxurious trip and accommodations (I said almost). This little trip is the first of many for our team. While, Bright Futura has in no way “made it”, the Bright Futura team can say that we are headed in the right direction. We hope you’ll stick with us on our journey forward and keep your dreams alive. As small as we are, we had even smaller beginnings, remember that.

The road ahead for Bright Futura will without a doubt be long and winding with bumps and turns but I’m positive that with a strong team of students always behind us You & I Will Never BE A LOAN.



you are not a loan

Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist

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