8 Must Know Tips For Multiple Choice Tests

Multiple choice exams scary some people however given the right approach they can be your best friend. Below I have outlined 8 Must Know Tips For Multiple Choice Tests. If followed crushing your exam should be a piece of cake.

1. Reading the answers first

See if there are any answers hat just stand out. Then read the question. Sometime you can eliminate answers just by simple reasoning.


2. Eliminate answers you know aren’t right.

Actually crossing out the answers that aren’t correct really helps narrow the answer. Also when going back over your exam you can understand more quickly why you made your choice.


3. If you run out of time. Guess!

If you hit the wall and have no idea what the answer is or if you simply don’t have any time left guess.

Note: This only applies if there isn’t a guessing penalty.

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4.Trust your instincts

Don’t keep on changing your answer, usually your first choice is the right one, unless you misread the question.


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5. Look for words Not, Isn’t, and Least likely

Instructors often phrase questions using negatives for example

Which of the following is least likely to help you be F***ing amazing in college?

a. BrightFutura.com

b. onesentence.org

c. malevole.com


6.  ‘All of the above’ and ‘None of the above’

In a question with an “All of the above” choice, if you see that at least two correct statements, then “All of the above” is probably the answer. In “All of the above” and “None of the above” choices, if you are certain one of the statements is true don’t choose “None of the above” or one of the statements are false don’t choose “All of the above”.

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7. Usually the correct answer is the choice with the most information.

Come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible answers, this way the choices given on the test won’t throw you off or trick you. Then look for the answer that seems the most in depth.

Usually your professor wont spend a large amount of time creating a well written wrong answer.

8. Same vs Different

Look for the answer that stands out. If all of the answer are a color and the other is an animal, the animal is likely the obvious wrong choice and can be eliminated or the answer is the correct choice. For example.

The current United States President is from 

a. Blue

b. Red

c. Hawaii

d. White

e. All of the above

hint: It isn’t all of the above


Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Colomnist

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