7 Wild Things You Can Do On Campus For Free

Living on campus is a blast, this is especially if you are a part of clubs and campus organizations. However every campus has its lulls in fun activities. When things on campus get dry and boring it is important to mix things up. And while we would all like to get other there and do any and all activities, funds are usually low. So below I have put together a list of 8 free things you can do to mix it up on campus.


1. Take an ice cold shower

wild college

Want to mix things up? Take a cold shower! You are probably thinking this guy is nuts! Why the hell would I take a cold shower?

But remember that life is short and doing crazy mini adventures make things worth it.

I mean…I’ve done it. And what I learned is that…

It sucks.

I was gasping for air the entire time, my skin felt like ice. I felt like I was Jack from Titanic. I couldn’t think about anything except how cold it was. But after I got out and dried off I felt fricking amazing. Give it a try!

note:  You don’t have to end cold – I don’t. I start cold and after a few minutes, switch over to warm.

2. Eat something you’ve never tried

Eat something crazy, something weird. It doesn’t have to be gross but it has to take you out of your typical Chinese food and pizza diet. Try a new fruit or vegetable. Worse case scenario it’s gross but at least your day will have been exciting.


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3. Ask out someone you’ve always wanted to ask out

Maybe there is someone you’ve seen on campus but haven’t had the courage to ask out to coffee. Well now is the time. You’re looking for adventure right. You only live once right. So why not?  Being turned down is tough but if it makes you feel any better it happens to everyone. And if on the up chance they agree to grab lunch with you, imagine how awesome that would be. I’d say go for it! It wont cost you a dime and it’s sure to shake things up.

Fact: The average person goes on 100 dates in their life time.


4. Test out social norms

Social norms are the rules specifying what behaviors are “acceptable” within a society or group. Things like eating with a knife and fork or speaking with an inside voice are all social norms. And while following the rules can be fun breaking them can be even better. If you are looking to switch things up and you are low on cash get some friends together and plan social norm experiments.


  1. Face the wrong direction in an elevator
  2. Talk really slow or really fast in conversations with people
  3. Walk like a weirdo
  4. Sit to close to someone
  5. Cheer on a random stranger

Whatever you decided make it odd, you can even record it and post them on the internet for more laughs!


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5. Start a conversation with a random stranger

Girls on campus

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of friends but hell one more can’t hurt. If you’re looking bored out of your mind find someone on campus who doesn’t look to busy and spark up a conversation. Sure you may come off like a weirdo or a creeper but who knows you might just meet someone you genuinely find interesting. Remember college is all about networking anyway.


6. Go to the scariest part of campus AT NIGHT

wild things on campus

This one is kind of dangerous depending on your campus location. However you said you wanted to do something wild right.

Get a couple friends together, right a will and head over to that spooky spot on campus.

The ghost stories and laughs that follow are a guaranteed good time. You might just DIE FROM LAUGHTER!!!!

Note: If you want to get really scared, watch a scary movie before you got out!


7. Get on the university shuttle and get off at a random stop.

Almost every campus has a shuttle that takes students to places off campus. The shuttle is usually free but for the most part most students are often so busy with classes that they rarely take the opportunity to explore. If you’re looking for something to break your routine  try spontaneously catching the campus shuttle. You never know what you’ll find.


I know some of the above sound kind of crazy but I assure you they will break the monotony that comes along with studying for hours and hours.

Maximillian Garland

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