7 Professors You’re Lucky You Never Had

The semester might be rough and sure your professor seems a little crazy but imagine if you had this kooks as instructors.

Below Is A List Of Professors You Should Be Grateful You’ve Never Encountered

7. Professor Oak

Professor Oak would be the strangest biology professor hands down. I mean the man thought nothing of giving an adolescent boy an electrically charged squirrel. What makes you think he would be in his right mind to head a classroom. Think twice before you knock your current teacher.

6. Professor Xavier

Imagine Professor Xavier’s comments. “Polite, nice, but reads minds when you’re in lecture” or “Easy grader but completely violates your ability to think freely”. Professor X my seem like the perfect instructor but upon closer look I bet you would realize otherwise. I mean imagine trying to lie about why your late to lecture.

5. Professor Mcgonagall

Sure she is a witch and that is pretty bad ass but imagine how ridiculous some of her assignments would be. Plus turning into a cat during lecture could be extremely distracting. That is unless she could give the lecture in the voice of cheezburger cat.

4. The Nutty Professor

As his normal self, I can imagine Professor Klump being a pretty effective genetics instructor. Plus being able to bribe your professor with pastries could prove pretty help around midterms. The only downside to having Professor Klump as a lecture teacher is well of course his wildly inappropriate alter ego Buddy Love. Sorry Professor Klump but you are going to have to get your mind together before I take your class.

3. Senior Chang

I wouldn’t want Senior Chang to water my plants let alone teach me in a foreign language. His outlandish burst of stupidity and crazy would prove to be hilarious as a passerby but imagine how tough it would be to get through a lecture with a Asian Spanish professor shouting at the top of his lungs with a┬ásombrero on.

2. Professor Farnsworth

The good news is that Professor Farnsworth is most likely going to be the easiest professor your will ever encounter. The bad news is that you will learn absolutely nothing from the class and the risk of Farnsworth dying during lecture is astronomically high.

1. Mr. Feeny

I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Feeny would be the best teacher of all time! He is passionate about teaching, sarcastic, wise, and he calls people by their last name (not sure why this is a plus but it is). However what you may not have realized is that he is without a doubt stalking Corey Matthews. Don’t believe me! Then explain why he has been both his principle, neighbor, and teacher for the entirety of Corey’s life. Sounds like a creeper to me.

Any Other Professors Your Glad You Never Had? Leave A Comment Below.

Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

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