7 Creative and Cost Effective Campus Dates!

AH, DATING IN COLLEGE. THE HIGHLIGHT OF ANY HIGHER EDUCATION: from laughing at his jokes in math class to the walk of shame from his frat house to your dorm. Despite all that romance, if you’re feeling a lull in your romantic life, here are seven creative, cost-effective campus dates to spice things up.

On-Campus Picnic

Grab a blanket, some treats and you have an adorable daytime date. I mean I’m sure you could do this at night, but you may risk being yelled at by drunkards and sprinklers. But isn’t love worth that risk?


Dessert On Your Dorm Stoop

Like going out for desert but much, much cheaper. Also cheaper if your date brings the ice cream.

Local Band/On-Campus Concert

Concerts are a great first date activity. That beginning-awkward-silence is drowned out by music and if the person sucks you just “lose” them in the crowd! Don’t judge me, we’re all thinking it.

In-Library Fort

This is elaborate and dangerous. Read a banned book and then it’s really dangerous. But everyone loves danger. Just grab a sheet from your dorm and borrow some desk chairs. Maybe bring a flashlight if you’re reading scary stories.

Fancy Night Out At Your College Theater

The fact that people now weare shorts and baseball caps to the theater is extremely depressing. Why not combat this on your date by dressing up, sneaking in a bottle of wine in (maybe in a Nalegene?), and enjoy! The wine also helps if the play and/or date is awful

Cafeteria Sampling

Sort of like a-round-the-world tasting but pre-paid by your parents. Thanks mom and dad

On Campus Hide & Seek

Good for double dates. Or ditching your date
Where do you like to go on dates?

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