6 Free Smart Phone Apps: Perfect For Study Breaks

There are a number of great iphone apps for students out there, but as a student that is always studying you may find that sometimes a study break is necessary.

So luck for you, we have put together a list of apps that will do a great job of keeping your mind off of studying, so can get back to the books refreshed and ready to learn.

1. Flying Hamster

There is nothing more suitable for a study break than a flying hamster and a cow with milk shooting udders. Yeah that’s right! You get a cute flying hamster armed with various weapons, that has only one goal and it’s to save your girl! Nothing can top that. (not available for android)

2. Death Worm

Game Play:

Death Worm is goal-based. To gain levels, you have to do things like get 60 kills, or get 30 kills without taking damage. This becomes tricky once trigger happy cops and military dudes start peppering you with bullets the moment your head pops out of the ground, but it adds a thin layer of originality to the proceedings. The graphics are also great, particularly if you have a Retina display device. They’re blindingly detailed, with silky smooth animation. (for Android)

 3. Comimix

Love comics? Perfect, this app will be your savior during your study break. Comimix pulls in a variety of popular comic titles and allows you to read them all on your iPhone. With Comimix you can save some of the strips to your iPhone, send them to FaceBook so your study buddies can be distracted as well, and find other comics to browse.(not available for Android)

4. TrafficRush

With so many Santa apps being released now in the AppStore it’s been a true delight to see that amongst the Top Free Apps is not actually a singing Santa, or a dancing Santa, or worse any type of farting Santa. Traffic Rush is actually a very entertaining game that takes after Air Traffic Controller, only your a policeman standing in the middle of the street directing traffic.(not available for Android)

5. Gravity Guy

The game works a bit like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and the gravity-flipping stages from the Super Mario Galaxy games. Gravity Guy is constantly running at varying speeds. Your job is to flip him on and off the ceiling in order to dodge obstacles, and to keep him from flying into oblivion. If you’re too slow, Gravity Guy gets zapped by the robo-police. (for Android)


QWOP is a flash game that can only be explained by playing it. This by far is the one the strangest games ever made. It is perfect for the every day student needing a break from any type of mental activity.  Enjoy, and try not to cry!


Did you know Bright Futura has an app? Of course you didn’t otherwise you would have downloaded it. Glad we could help!


31 Comments on “6 Free Smart Phone Apps: Perfect For Study Breaks

  1. Hello, I Love your post. I'm Flying Hamster user. I've had the application for quite some time… still wondering How I could show you guys how its played.. Its all audio.. I have set up speakers to emulate the gameplay but viewers would need to use headphones as well maybe hehe. :D awesome game.thanks~ Laura

  2. apps are really entertaining, eliminates boredom and somehow fight stress, though some apps are not compatible with the latest updates specially on android.

  3. I often use Gravity Guy and for me it is a perfect mind refresher during my work break! Moreover, it also enhance me to get going further with the tasks ahead during the day!

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  5. Cool apps review.Flying Hamster is genuinely a silly application.Penguins utilizing umbrellas as weapons and cows shooting lethal udder milk does not bode well yet the controls are instinctive and your foes are insane which is reason enough to try the game out.~Maria Brown

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  9. Flying Hamster is a great game but I would have loved seeing a proper sequel,but I guess a port is OK too (In fact they joked about it on Facebook).Did they fix the problem with the D-Pad controls where if you went diagonally,you would actually have a faster vertical speed than horizontal? This problem (while not too bad for some) really limited movement with the D-Pad on the PSP-Minis version.
    ~Lisa Moore.

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  18. This game is simply great!!It has the best graphics I’ve seen for quite a while on iPhone (an excess of crappy games,seriously) and I can’t grumble about its price with its enormous number of enemies and comic situations.Best shooter ever on iPhone!!

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  22. Great article many students will get benefit from this you know this is important nowadays because students are studying for 4 to 5 hours continuously so they want a break to stress them out and these apps you mentioned above will help them to enjoy the break time. Looking forward to reading your next articles.

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