student loan stds

5 Reasons Student Loans Are Like An STD (VIDEO)

Student loans are nothing to joke about especially when you are up to your knees in them. But sometimes you have to laugh your way through your troubles.

So we decided to give you the

5 reasons Student Loans are like an STD:

1. They are chronic and stay with you for years and years.

2. You usually contract them in college.

3. They are a pain.

4. They affect your dating life and standard of living.

5. There is no known cure.

For more reason watch a PSA video our friends at College Humor put together.

Student Loan STD by College Humor


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student loan stds

Be careful out there. Make sure you know who you’re banking with.

Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

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16 Comments on “5 Reasons Student Loans Are Like An STD (VIDEO)

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  5. This is painfully true. It's very hard to get rid of debt under any circumstances, but student loans are the worst.

  6. Student loans can be tough things to pay off — following you around well into your 20s and 30s. They're a pain, too. Popping up to remind you how much you owe and how crappy your credit score is, just in case you forgot. According to our friends over at College Humor, it's a little like having an STD. And after watching this PSA we've got to say that we agree.

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