5 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Scrubs

If you didn’t watch Scrubs then your life probably isn’t as well-rounded as mine or any other avid Scrubs fan but that doesn’t mean you wont enjoy some amazing quotes. Let the deep advice mixed with humor commence!


1. Life Is Scary

lesson from scrubs

You’re scared because if you try and fail, there’s only you to blame. Well, Missy, let me break this down for you, Bobbo-style. Life is scary. Get used to it. There are no magical fixes. It’s all up to you. So get up off your keister, get out of here, and go start doin’ the work. -Dr. Bob Kelso

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2. Overcome Your Fears

quotes from scrubs

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking chances, and how it’s really just about overcoming your fears. Because the truth is, every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up, you’re always glad you took it.” -Dr. John Dorian


3. The Power Of A Strong Partner

Strong Women

It’s weird. Just by the simple act of pushing me to do the right thing, I remembered why Carla’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. – Dr. Christopher Turk


4. How Relationships Work

life lessons from scrubs

Bottom line: it’s couples who are truly right for each other wade through the same crap as everybody else, but the big difference is they don’t let it take them down. One of those two people will stand up and fight for that relationship every time. If it’s right, and they’re real lucky, one of them will say something. – Dr. Perry Cox

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5. You Can’t Go It Alone aka You’re No Superman

Well, I know what I’ve been told, You gotta know just when to fold. But I can’t do this all on my own. No, I know, I’m no Superman.


 Don’t even pretend like you can’t think of another example of how Scrubs changed your life. Leave it in the comments below.



Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist

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3 Comments on “5 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Scrubs

  1. "Who the hell cares what anybody else thinks"
    "Look into your heart and do whatever the hell makes you happy"
    Kelso in the 8th season.

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