5 Best Pixar Movies

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Brave has made its debut this weekend in similar Pixar style – everyone is going to see it! For arguably the most successful namebrand in Hollywood that promises the highest quality animated films (Cars 2 be damned) Brave is turning out to be a box office boom. While Brave may not be recieving as much critical acclaim as its predecessors, it is still on par with Cars and way better than Cars 2.

Just thinking about how good Pixar movies are has inspired me to compile a list of the 5 best Pixar movies.

Needless to say, this list was extremely difficult to compile. After you go through my list, we at Bright Futura would love to hear what your 5 favorite Pixar movies are! Submit your lists in the comment section below before you go see Brave this weekend.


5. Finding Nemo

4. The Incredibles

3. Ratatouille

2. Up

1. Toy Story 3

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