3 Amazing Ways To Use Parents During College

Your parents have always served a function believe it or not.  But now that you are in college you may be wondering what is their useful for now. Some people would say that parents are currently around to pay tuition. However, not everyone has parents who pay for college. Others might suggest that they’re innkeepers at the place you go to visit during winter break. However, I’m pretty sure that isn’t their use. So, what are our parents universal function at this point in our lives?

3 Universal Functions Of Our Parents During College

1. Networking

If your parents are like my parents, they work…hard. Parents may not always know everything but you must admit they have a couple things we don’t


Things your parents have that you don’t

  1. Friends with careers.
  2. A 100 years of work experience (depending on how old your parents are)
  3. Connections


During college finding an internship or job is for like of better words hard as sh**. If your parents work at a company that you might be interested in becoming involved with, ask them to get you an interview.  Perhaps you can even shadow one of their friends.

Parents are an untapped resource.

We as students forget that parents have made tons of connections to get to the places that they are in their career.

What if my parents are out of work?

Obviously, it goes without saying that times are hard. Many people are losing work and this can be disconcerting.

However, hard and impossible are similar not synonymous.

Your parents may not work but surely one of their friends must.

college parents

And in the extremely rare (almost improbable) circumstance that not a single one of your parent’s friends has a job, ask your friends parents dumby!


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2. Support

A lot of people get caught up on the negative things their parents have done or haven’t done. Maybe your parents made your life a living hell for the last 18-24 years. Maybe they only feed you broccoli and forced religion down your throat. Or perhaps they never hugged you.


Whatever they did or didn’t do, two things are certain:

  1. You aren’t a serial killer. (Hopefully!)
  2. You aren’t dead!


I am willing to bet that they had something to do with these two facts. We have to remember that life is complicated. Sometimes parents aren’t everything we want them to be and sometimes we aren’t everything our parents expected. “And that’s ok” – *Dr. Phil Voice*

college parents

Not all parents are great at everything but all parents are good as something. Some parents may be financially more able to pay for college. Other parents may be more emotionally available, when it comes to their children’s needs.  Whatever your parents are good at, cherish it. It goes without saying that they won’t be around forever.


3. Guidance, Wisdom, and Encouragement

I am not going to hammer this into your head. If you disagree that’s fine. But I assure you that if you allow your parents to positively influence your life, they will.


Obviously, not everything your parents say is law. Hopefully we are all are arriving at this realization.


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However your parents will drop the occasionally gem of knowledge and you should be ready to hear it.


A lot of the times your parents want to prevent you from making mistakes that they can see coming. They can see these mistakes coming because often they have lived and learned from them.


Parents have the natural inclination to protect, think momma bear mauling small forester but it is important to know when you need guidance and when you need experience. The truth is some mistakes are worth making, others not so much.


Mistakes worth making:

  1. Falling in love
  2. Doing what you love
  3. Parting a little to hard once or twice

Mistakes worth avoiding:

  1. Credit card and student loan debt
  2. Drinking and driving and texting
  3. Take candy from strangers (aka drug dealers)


Maybe our parents aren’t rocket scientist, all the time but they did help us get this far. Their words of wisdom guidance and encouragement aren’t always obvious but they are there. Take the time to listen every once in a while and you might just learn something.


Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

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