Required Listening For October 2011


‘Take Shelter': Review of Jeff Nichols Sophomore Film


TAKE SHELTER, the sophomore film from writer/director Jeff Nichols, whose previous film, Shotgun Stories, also starred Michael Shannon, is a dark psychological tale of Middle America and paranoia in a modern world. Prophetic phantasmagoria · The main character of Take Shelter, Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon), is cursed with intense, prescient dreams that drive the film’s storyline, making the narrative a slow-burning psychological thriller grounded in a sense of tweaked realism. – Photo… Read More

9 Ways to Impress Me With Your Resume


I RECEIVE A LOT OF RESUMES AT ROCK-IT, AND WHILE THERE ARE DEFINITELY SOME GREAT CANDIDATES IN THE MIX, I CAN’T HELP BUT QUESTION SOME OF THE SUBMISSIONS that come in. Whether they are from PR newbies or seasoned pros, some are riddled with errors, some spell my name incorrectly, some don’t spell check — it’s a surefire way to not get hired. To help out anybody seeking a new job right… Read More

Wants vs Needs


Series of clever illustrations by talented designer Erin Hanson reminds us about the important things in life. Most people “want” everything, but they only “need” enough to survive.

Screw Paying For A Dorm: Portable Sleepbox


Sleepbox is a self-contained room that can be placed in almost any location. Designed by Russian architecture firm Arch Group, each box is equipped with two beds, LED reading lamps, WiFi, electrical outlets, and plenty of storage space for your luggage.

Stay In A Bubble


TIRED OF THE SAME OLD EXPERIENCES THAT CAN BE FOUND IN HOTELS OR ON CAMPSITES? Perhaps you’d prefer to stay in a portable plastic offering from Bubble Tree. You too could be a bubble boy or girl with one of these unusual huts.

U. Chicago Students Hope To Make Bug Eating Mainstream


ON THE TOP FLOOR OF A HYDE PARK APT BUILDING, 4 U OF CHICAGO STUDENTS SAT TOGETHER ON A COUCH, UNFAZED BY THE SNACKS THAT LAY BEFORE THEM: a packet of Mexican spice seasoned mealworms, a block of candy embedded with farm ants and sugar cookies filled with cricket parts. Not only were they they not bothered by the prospect of eating the bugs set before them, but they looked at them… Read More

What to Wear to Meet with Your Advisor


THANKS TO ALL THE FUN ASPECTS OF THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, IT CAN BE EASY TO FORGET WHY WE”RE ACTUALLY AT COLLEGE… to get a degree and figure out what we want to do with the rest of our lives. For me, this is a terrifying thought that brings up many questions — how will I use my degree once I graduate? How can I score a research position to improve my resume?… Read More

The Most Successful College Dropouts


Successful Entrepreneurs Who Were High School or College Dropouts To celebrate us college dropouts I thought I would compile a list some of the top entrepreneurs who dropped out of college and then went on to make it big in the business world!