8 Myths About Financial Aid College Students Need to Know


Let’s face it, money is tight. Which means it is more important than ever that we as college students be aware of all financial aid opportunities available. According to Online Graduate Programs, there are eight highly perpetuated myths that are keeping college students from receiving funding that they might be entitled to. Luckily for us they’ve put these eight myths into an easy-to-read infographic below.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Group Projects


For those that prefer to work alone because they can “do it better and faster,” a group project might be a nightmare. There seems to always be that kid who does absolutely nothing yet skates by with the same, undeserving grade as you. But have no fear because we’ve researched ten tips for maneuvering yourself to get the most out of working with a group.

Student Loan Debts To Exceed $1 trillion


[UPDATED] USA Today says that at some point this year, student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion, surpassing even credit card debt. Felix Salmon says the number is closer to $550 billion. Either way total student loan debt is rising as other debts have tailed off. Delinquency has increased, too, since the height of the financial crisis. It’s a huge mess. Some people have noticed that “student loan debt” comes up a… Read More

Are We A Generation Of Cheaters [infographic]


No matter what you did in high school when it comes to cheating, you should know that cheating in college is quite different. It’s a really big deal. College administration takes cheating seriously.  It’s not unheard of for whole classes to be expelled for “collaborating” or outright cheating. Interestingly, it’s easier than ever before in history to share information. Both inside and outside the classroom. Many students can’t even distinguish between what… Read More

10 Tips For Surviving College Relationships


Relationships are hard in general. College relationships are really hard, but not impossible. Both of us dealt with our share of short-term and long-term relationships in college, and we learned a lot about what makes them work and what makes them crumble. Here are some of the most important lessons we learned from our personal college relationships:

How to Study Abroad


Should you study abroad, where should you study, who should you study with? Check out this video on studying abroad to learn more.

DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into A Whiteboard


This new vinyl laptop sticker will take the others back to their drawing boards. Thanks to a brilliant new invention, you can turn your laptop into a whiteboard. DrawTop is the creation of Ryan Mitchell and Erik Fogg, a pair of students who wanted to give others a low-tech canvas that could accompany their laptop wherever they went. Rather than lugging around a whiteboard, they invented DrawTop.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go To Graduate School


Someone you know surely has considered an advanced degree. Perhaps you’ve even thought about grad school, law school, or getting an MBAs, MPAs, JDs, MPPs. But before you make the leap. Read the list below of the top 5 reasons you should NOT go to graduate school.

Missing University Of Arkansas Student Found Dead In Pond


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A college sophomore who was reported missing last week in central Arkansas was found dead in a pond south of Little Rock, police said Monday. Authorities ruled the death of 20-year-old Patricia Guardado a homicide after her body was discovered Sunday afternoon in a few feet of water south of Sweet Home, Ark. A cause of death was not immediately released.

How Your Backpack May Be Killing You [Infographic]


While super thin laptops, iPads, Kindles, and other gadgets have reduced the weight of certain items we lug around, the problem of students over burdening themselves with heavy backpacks continues. Many of us fail to understand the essentials and over-estimate what we really need to strap to our backs every day. Thanks to a new infographic from Carrington College, it’s easier to understand the problems associated with humongous book bags. There are… Read More