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16 Squats Mistakes to Avoid: How (Not) To Squat

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1. Wearing The Wrong Shoes

2. Trying To Barbell Back Squat When You Can’t

3. Asymmetrical Lift-off

4. Ballerina Walk-off

5. Staggered Stance Unrack

6. Over-Arching Your Back

7. Being Complacent With Your Knees Caving In

8. Limp Feet

9. Quarter Squats

10. Assuming The Knee Should Never Go Past The Toes

11. Butt-Wink?

12. No Warm-up

13. Elbow Position

14. Improper Angle Breaking/Initiation

15. The Myth Of “Constant Tension”

16. Ego-Lifting

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