10 Reasons Why You Won’t Have A Job After College

If you are in college or recently graduated you already no that it is particularly difficult to find jobs in your field right out of college. But instead of putting your head in the sand look over the list below of 10 reasons why you and so many of your classmates struggle to find employment following graduation.

1. Increased competition.

The days of having a degree alone and landing a dream job are over. The “prestige” that comes with having a degree has now become diluted with the rampant number of students graduating. As college has become more affordable more employers have begun to view it as a standard.

You now need something more than just a degree to get you that first job out of college. Instead of being disheartened begin thinking about what you can do to give yourself an edge.

2. Little Or No Work Experience.

Many college graduates make the grave mistake of assuming that their degree alone will qualify them for a job. They spend their college years just getting by, partying, and essentially, wasting their time. The world is becoming increasing globalized and college graduates are now a dime a dozen.

What’s going to separate one college graduate with a degree from the next and the next and the next?

Whether your pushing papers for a local law firm or serving food at a restaurant any job is better than no job. Swallow your pride and apply for everything. Better yet, (if you can) lean on mom and dad for a little while and intern for free. You’ve got to start somewhere, and if you don’t take the time to gather work experience during your college years, you will most likely be working those jobs you thought you were better than after graduation. Remember the only guaranteed failure is not trying.

3. No Skills

While crushing beer cans on your head may have impressed your roommates, employers don’t really consider it a skill. No body is expecting you to solve world hunger. However employers do want you to bring something to the table. Skills will always be in high demand. This means you have to be good at something in order to contribute something of value to a company.

People with computer skills or at the very least computer proficient will always be in high demand. This means using your laptop for something other than Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Try learning basic software techniques on sites like Lynda or even Youtube. Another valuable skill to have is people skills. (more on that below)

4. Lack Of Networking

Believe it or not networks existed before Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Take a second to realize that most companies look for positions first from jobs referrals and insider recommendations. A reference from even the janitor at a major company can give you the leg up on the competition, so never shy away an opportunity to broaden your network.

Unfortunately, you can’t just expect that someone will stick his or her neck out for you. You have to be “worthy” of being referred. Remember that the reputation of the person referring you is one the line.

Underestimating the power of networking can and will serious damp your career prospects. Side Note: My first job out of college was because of a recommendation from an acquaintance.

5. Poor Resume And Cover Letter.

With or without a referral, your resume and cover letter act as your first impression. You can’t charm them with your presence or your smile. Your writing does it all for you. So spend some time to make it look and sound freaking amazing. Spending a couple days on perfecting a resume at the writing center on your campus is worthwhile. Also always remember to tailor your resume to the position you are applying for.

6. Lack Of Interview Skills

Many students fail to prepare for interviews, which costs them the position. Think about it, if you ran a major company would you higher someone who came off like a bumbling idiot. You have to put your self in the position of the employer and most importantly you have to sell yourself. This means nailing everything from the firm handshake to the hypothetical questions.

If your school offers career guidance counseling or/and practice interviews (it does) it would be in your best interest to take them. Sure it sounds lame but you can always worry about your reputation in your cushioned corporate office chair.

7. No weapon x

You’ve got to have an edge. Something that’ll make you stand out from the rest. Be different. Among a sea of black family sedans, be the fiery red convertible.

No one can help you with this part, as the only person who knows yourself the best is you. So take some time, sit down and think of what are some of the best qualities you have and write them down. You can use this when they ask you the big question of: Why should we hire you?

8. No Follow Up

So you sent the resume and cover letter, but didn’t hear anything back? Follow up! If you think about it, it can’t hurt. I mean it’s not like they are going to fire you. Shoot an email or a phone call and ask what’s going on. Chances are, they may have not received it or forgotten about it. It also shows your tenacity and separates you from the rest of the people who don’t follow up. Don’t just assume that they don’t want you and wallow in your self-pity. Take action and make it happen.

9. Quitting Too Easily

Not getting any call backs can be depressing. Don’t look at it as a negative thing. Look at it as a positive thing. It’s just a sign you have to change things because it’s not working.

It’s a numbers game. You have a good product (yourself) and if you showcase the product correctly to enough potential buyers eventually you will make a sale. It’s inevitable. So don’t quit. Keep on going.

10. A lack of people skills

One of the greatest myths regarding getting a job is that you just have to have the skills and knowledge. That may be true for some jobs, but the other major thing that employers are looking for is social skills. Will you integrate well with the staff? Will you mesh with co-workers? Are you a positive person? Are you easy to get along with?


Remember that people who have jobs out of college aren’t just luck, they are prepared.

by Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

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  4. Not getting any call backs can be depressing. Don’t look at it as a negative thing. Look at it as a positive thing. It’s just a sign you have to change things because it’s not working.

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