10 New Year’s Resolutions for a More Successful 2012

The person you were last year no longer exists. All that matters is who you are on New Year’s Day and who you become by the end of the year. January 1st is a perfect time to make a personal change, but it’s also a perfect time for students to make big changes to their lifestyle and careers.

The 12 resolutions below are for students hoping to thrive in every way possible in 2012.

#1 Resolve to Finish Every Project You Start

Most young students have so many good ideas, projects, opportunities that it can be difficult finish one project before starting the next one.

Don’t make that mistake this year. If you decide to develop a business, work on an assignment, or take a position, commit to seeing it through completely.

#2 Resolve to Value Your Time

Eventually, you’ve got to start realizing the actual value of your time.

  • If you’ve been working for less than you’re worth, then 2012 is the year to make a change.
  • If you have been wasting your time fighting over the unnecessary, eliminate the source(s) of your stress
  • If you have been mindlessly taking part in something that doesn’t matter all that much to you. Stop doing it. (unless its breathing)

You cannot please everyone. Furthermore everyone and everything that wants your time doesn’t always deserve it. This year start treating your time like its more precious than gold because the reality is that it is.


#3 Resolve to Keep a Clean Work Space

It’s hard to be productive in an environment that’s cluttered and disorganized.

Think about or look around your work space right now. If it isn’t clean and controlled, then make a commitment now to maintain a focused work space for the next year.

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#4 Resolve to Improve Work Systems

When Henry Ford implemented an assembly line in his factories in 1913, he completely revolutionized the automobile industry. By making the production system more efficient, The Ford Motor Company was able to produce more vehicles for less money – and profits went through the roof.

A person is only as efficient as the systems it employs. This applies to students as well.

Some systems are simple, like the way you organize your inbox. Others are very complex, like your step-by-step approach to completing a project over the course of a month.

We often create systems without much thought and then take them for granted once they’re established. As long as a system gets the job done, what’s the point in meddling?

However this is one thing where you really need to put in the extra time and make sure you’re doing things right.

Take a step back and look critically at the systems you implement regularly with your business.

Systems are important because their effect is cumulative. If you improve a system one time, that improvement continues to benefit you every time it’s implemented.

Types of systems that you might focus on:

  • How you get around/to campus
  • How early you arrive to find parking
  • How you approach studying for an exam
  • The time of day that you study or do work

If you haven’t paid much attention to your systems lately, then make a point to focus on them in 2012.


#5 Resolve to Be Authentic

People are spending more time online than ever before. By now, they’re pretty adept at recognizing who’s being genuine and who isn’t.

2012 is a great year to tune out the voice in your head that tells you to pretend to be someone you’re not. Instead, communicate online with your true voice. People enjoy hearing others authentic voice.  Not only do they enjoy it they will notice it and respond to it.


#6 Resolve to Keep Track of Your Hours

How many hours are you putting into your studying/work/passion a week?

It’s not necessary to have a set schedule or to work eight hours every day. That’s part of the joy of being young and in school. But it is important to be aware of your work hours. Try imagining your academic career/life like it is a start up business — four hour days aren’t going to cut it (at least not at first).

When you begin to keep track of your hours, you start to understand where you’re time is going and how you could use it more effectively.

If you’re spending hours studying for an exam and not seeing results, change the way you’re approaching your studies. Einstein once said

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Helpful Time Tracking Tool: Rescue Time is free software that automatically tracks which programs and websites you’re using throughout the day. Over the course of a few weeks, you begin to get a clear picture of how efficient your computer time is and how it compares to the work habits of others.


#7 Resolve to Eat Right and Exercise

Okay, okay – I know these are the two most cliché resolutions in the history of New Year’s. But they’re cliché for a reason.

Eating right and exercising are great resolutions for anyone who in school. It will give you more energy and focus to make the most of your work day.

Of course, it will also make you healthier and it may even help you look better in your dorm room mirror.

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#8 Resolve to Spend 20 Minutes Actively Learning Each Day

I know what you are thinking, I’m already in school wtf is he talking about.

Many students think learning in a lecture hall is the only means of learning but this is absolutely not true.

Take time outside of the classroom to read or learn something new. Even if it isn’t in your major. The web makes learning something new extremely feasible and actually pretty easy.

Did you know Steve Jobs studied calligraphy.

Many people would say that studying calligraphy was a waste of Steve Jobs’ time and that it had nothing to do with the computers he went on to create, however that isn’t why he studied it. He was said to have studied calligraphy because he loved to do it. He had an eye for aesthetics, beauty and design with the written word. Thanks to his offbeat decision he created the typeface, a pivotal part of bring fluidity professionalism and quirkiness to our messages and messaging.

You never know the importance of what you have learned until you have the opportunity to apply it.

Ways And Places To Learn:

  • Podcasts & Lectures: Tedtalks, and youtube (how to beatbox)
  • Video Tutorials: Learn about cars or how to design websites.
  • Books & Ebooks: I know it is hard to believe but you can actually still learn things from books (Crazy I know.)

Note: Remember the three R’s: Repetition, Rest and Refresh


#9 Resolve to Keep Your Resolutions

Every January, people across the world make resolutions to change the way they act.

Every February, many of those resolutions have been broken or forgotten.

It’s only over the course of the whole year that a change can have any real impact. But if you do stick to your resolutions, they will eventually become habits that will improve your life  for years and years to come.

So, the most important resolution you can make is to really stick with whatever changes you decide to make this year.


#10 Resolve To Have Fun

It is a new year, with all new opportunities. While you and I both know the world is ours and everything is possible we can’t forget to enjoy ourselves this year. Treat it like it is your last.

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Let us know how you’re going to make 2012 the best year yet!


Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

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