10 Feelings You Get While Studying

As you probably know studying pulls on many emotions. Most of these emotion are very difficult to put into words, soooo I figured I would convey them with meaningful gifs. You can thank me later.


gif emotions


2.  Trapped

emotion gifs



emotions gifs


4. QWOP’ed out



5. Deep Sadness



6. Cluelessness


7. Terror


8.  Suicidal

sex bobombs

9. Astonished

I Actually Get It?

10. Eureka!

billy madison



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12 Comments on “10 Feelings You Get While Studying

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  3. I totally agree with you guys, it's extremally important to pay attention on every particukar student to achieve trust and eventually desire to learn. It's really hard nowadays. Students should be motivated and realise for what perpose they have to try so hard, and the besy way to show them to involve in real world with real employrs.

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  5. Lol! True. Especially the last one. Sometimes I complete all my f*king easy homework, I feel like I’m genius :) All the emotion, we all know them.

  6. Yeah, I agree with you will get these emotions while you are studying I also get these when I was studying. But I didn’t give attention to that side I keep learning and doing my work so you all have to do the same thing to avoid these emotions.

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